Peg Melnik


Peg Melnik is a journalist and her goal is to build a community of like-minded gratitude seekers. All you have to do is find 60 seconds to spare every day and join her -- preferably with your first cup of coffee of the day -- for her 1-minute blog. (Check out her short video at

Peg hopes you'll experiment and take the 30-Day Challenge -- try out her blog for 30 days straight and see if you are kinder, better, wiser. She is striving for the broadest reach possible because she strongly believes there's a unity in gratitude that has been largely untapped. There are 7 billion people in the world and so much to divide us -- war, religion and violence to name a few -- but gratitude is something we can celebrate as one.
As for her journalism credentials, Melnik is the co-author of "Explorer's Guide Napa & Sonoma: A Great Destination" published by W.W. Norton now in its 10th edition. Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate endorsed the book with the following quote: “This marvelous book, splendidly researched, packed with terrific and considerable insider information, is essential reading for any visitor.”

Melnik is also a wine writer, blogger and tasting coordinator for Northern California’s The Press Democrat, the premiere newspaper in Wine Country.

Before joining The Press Democrat, Melnik was a freelance writer. Her articles have been published in The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Midwest Living. Her most daring story, published in The Los Angeles Times, chronicled her adventure of sneaking onto company-owned property with activists to see Headwaters Forest, the most political woods in California.