Perry Garfinkel

Longtime NYTimes contributor, author of national bestselling "Buddha or Bust," ghostwriter and writing teacher

Perry Garfinkel, who writes about psychology, health, spirituality, travel and cultural trends, has been a contributor since 1986 to many sections, departments and columns of The New York Times. He currently is a Times regular with Vocations, the Sunday Business Section column. He is the author of the national bestseller "Buddha or Bust," hailed by the Dalai Lama, who wrote "Perry Garfinkel presents Buddhism as a practical approach to human problems.” And "Emotional Intelligence" author Dr. Daniel Goelman said: "As a raconteur of the Dharma, Garfinkel is as lively a guide as anyone could hope for on such a pilgrimage...Woody Allen in the footsteps of the Buddha.” Garfinkel has also written "Travel Writing for Profit and Pleasure." He teaches writing workshops at conferences and hotels. He also is a regular contributor to and WCBS New York radio's "Health and Well Being Report."