Peter A. Ubel

Physician and Behavioral Scientist at the University of Michigan

I'm a physician and behavioral scientist at the University of Michigan. My research explores controversial issues about the role of values and preferences in health care decision making, from decisions at the bedside to policy decisions. I use the tools of behavioral economics and decision psychology to find ways to improve people's health and well-being.

My latest book is Free Market Madness: Why economics is at odds with human nature--and why it matters (Harvard Business Press, January 2009). I have also written two other books: Pricing Life: Why it is time for health care rationing (MIT Press, 2000) and You're stronger than you think: Tapping the secrets of emotionally resilient people (McGraw-Hill, 2006). In my spare time, I enjoy classical piano, sports, chili peppers, and wrestling with my 2 young boys.

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