Peter DiCaprio

Dismantling racism from the inside.

Peter DiCaprio is an organizational learning and development practitioner who consults to profit and nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and in multiple industries including finance, academia, hospitality, health care, and IT. His work and research in racial awareness development emphasizes the roles and identity development of whites in general and, more specifically, heterosexual white US American males, using a multicultural perspective. He is a certified mediator. He is also skilled in organizational research design, implementation, and qualitative and quantitative assessment. His executive coaching practice includes people in IT, venture capital, and the legal profession. He has trained in Undoing Racism with The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, and undertaken activism with numerous white anti-racist groups. He has also had Breakthrough gender violence prevention’s Catalyst Training, and has been a member of the leadership committee of Metro New York Out & Equal LGBT workplace advocacy organization. His workshop, It’s On Me: Processing Our Microaggressions focuses on the strategies people use to develop awareness in the face of their own unconscious biases. He holds a doctorate from Columbia University in the field of organizational learning. He lives in New York where he has always had the legal privilege, and currently has the good fortune, to be married to his favorite human being.