Peter McGraw and Joel Warner

The Humor Code

Professor Peter McGraw has teamed up with Denver-based writer Joel Warner on a global expedition to understand what makes things funny. The Humor Code chronicles their adventures and experiments along the way.

An expert in the interdisciplinary field of judgment, emotions, and decision making, Dr. Peter McGraw is an Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he directs the Humor Research Lab (aka HuRL) and co-directs the Moral Research Lab (aka MoRL). He holds appointments in marketing at the Leeds School of Business and in social psychology in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience. He teaches courses in decision making, consumer behavior and advertising.

Formerly a staff writer at Westword newspaper in Denver, Joel Warner has penned stories for Wired, Boston Globe, Slate, Salon and 5280 magazine, among other publications, and blogs for and Psychology Today. According to the vagaries of the Internet, Joel best known as an international expert on Swine Flu and one of the leading authorities on Casa Bonita, the over-the-top Mexican restaurant in Denver made famous by an episode of South Park.

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