Peter Seligmann

Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Conservation International

Peter Seligmann is Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Conservation International.

Peter Seligmann has a vision and a mission. The vision is an environmentally healthy world that will provide economic opportunities and security for all people. The mission is to bring together industry, government, religious leaders, professors, scientists, local and indigenous people to make that vision a reality.

Mission impossible? Hardly. Peter’s passion is contagious. People worldwide – from local communities to captains of industry to heads of state – are buying in to Peter Seligmann’s bold agenda. Peter is helping the world understand that peace and prosperity really will be impossible if the devastation of the world’s ecosystems is allowed to continue.

The future Peter imagines – in which our Earth’s natural wealth serves as the cornerstone for vibrant, thriving human societies – is attainable, but it will require a global shift in attitudes and actions. As Peter touches hearts and changes minds, more and more people embrace a conservation ethic.