Phil Jemmett

CEO, Breakwater Equity Partners

Phil brings over 35 years of business, financial and real estate experience to Breakwater. He is not only the Chief Executive Officer but one of its founding members. Originally from Australia, he worked in the mining industry and studied engineering. From there Phil moved to London to work with a nonprofit and outreach organization. He later transplanted to the United States to pursue a degree in economics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and worked in the brokerage department of Merrill Lynch. Phil then started an import/export business, which he ran successfully for over 20 years, traveling extensively throughout the world. Phil transitioned into commercial real estate and co-founded LJL Funding to address a need in the residential markets. Seeing firsthand the broad, deep-seated crisis in the residential market allowed Phil to prepare for the challenges facing the commercial market. This led to the founding of Breakwater Equity Partners. Phil’s vision to build a multi-disciplinary team that has the knowledge and experience to assist property owners with workout solutions for their real estate challenges is a daily reality at Breakwater.