Philip G. Baker

author "From Concept to Consumer"

Phil Baker is the author of "From Concept to Consumer" published by Financial Times Press.

He's an expert in new product development and market development for large and small companies. He has held senior product development and marketing positions with Apple, Polaroid, Seiko, Proxima, Atari, Polycom, and Think Outside. He has pioneered the use of Far East resources to bring products to market quickly and cost-effectively. His products have won numerous awards including Best Computer Product of 2000 from PC Magazine and design awards from Business Week, ID Magazine, and numerous other publications.

Phil founded Think Outside, inventor and manufacturer of the most popular PDA accessory ever, the Stowaway folding keyboards. He previously managed product development for Seiko, Apple Computer, Polaroid, Polycom and Proxima. Products include notebook computers, PDAs and other handheld electronics, cameras and optical devices, software products, electronic projectors and printers.

Baker holds more than 30 patents. He received a BS in physics from Worcestor Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Mass., an MS in engineering from Yale University and an MBA from Northeastern University.

Phil currently provides consulting in product development and market development for companies in the consumer and computer segment. Phil was San Diego's Entrepreneur of the Year 2001 for Consumer Products. He serves on several boards and resides in San Diego.
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