Phyllis Rosenstein Stoller

President of The Women's Travel Group, smart tours for women

Phyllis Stoller is a pioneer in travel and tours specifically for women. She was awarded Top in Women's Travel by Travel & Leisure, One of the Most Influential Women in Group Travel by industry magazine: Groups Today. She is a winner of a Magellan Silver Award for outreach to women through blogging with practical travel advice. She is the President of The Women’s Travel Group and, as such, is an expert in the market for women’s travel. Phyllis has organized smart tours for solo women for 25 years via Phyllis is the ‘Travel Guru’ of The Three Tomatoes for women who aren’t kids, The Group Travel Editor for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women and has appeared on CNN, Today Show, Lifetime, in much print, TV and radio. She speaks at major travel events and to private groups. Phyllis founded her first successful women’s tour company in 1992 (acquired 2007) and a second in 2012, with SITA World Tours partnering on many trips. Phyllis gave her name to Tea Leoni’s boss,‘the travel agent’, in ‘Fun with Dick and Jane,’ co-written by her son, Nicholas Stoller.