Piero Selvaggio

Restaurateur and Owner, Valentino Restaurant

The restaurant world is a blend of business and poetry,” states renowned restaurateur Piero Selvaggio, who, over more than 40 years in the business, has mastered the perfect balance of both. Expanding a $4,500 venture into a multi-million-dollar business has enabled Selvaggio to realize his vision – to bring the food of Italy, with authenticity and style, to the United States.

Born in Sicily, Selvaggio opened his first restaurant, Valentino in Santa Monica, when he was only 25. His pioneering efforts helped change the face of Italian cuisine in America. The people of Sicily recognize him as the most famous Sicilian “ristoratore” of the world, as well as a source of inspiration and an esteemed figure of accomplishment. Selvaggio lives in Malibu with his wife Dr. Anna Skor and daughter Alexandra.