Pippa La Doube

Creative, visionary, artist, writer, soul-centred coach

Pippa is a South African born Australian creative visionary, artist, writer and soul-centred coach who is deeply devoted to creativity, transformation, love, majik, spiritual & emotional exploration and authentic expression. Pippa heart is moved by the intimate little ecstasies of this world. She see's the world through tender and delicate senses and her sensory experience alive with wonder and she is deeply devoted to creativity, spiritual & emotional exploration and authentic expression. Pippa offers powerful visioning and clearing sessions to support you to activate your deep soul desires and purpose in the world. She believes deeply in the messages of our heart as our guidance system and supports people to build a trusting relationship with their own heart. She believes that in order to shift the world into a more loving place to inhabit, we need to first love and accept ourselves fully - both our light and our shadow. The ripple affect of this love, moves out into our relationships and our community, inspiring and effecting change. Her work engages visioning, clearing, creativity, human understanding, coaching, connection, ritual, majik, feeling, movement, authentic expression and self love to inspire growth, healing and spiritual & psychological evolution.