P.K. McCary

Peacebuilder. Activist. Advocate

P. K. McCary is also a peacebuilder, activist and advocate for building cultures of peace justice and healing. She is the founder of Think Peace International, a peace organization made up of peacemakers, educators and social activists. Their work builds bridges and tears down walls through intentional comunication. For six years, she had a show called The Peace Hour, a radio broadcast telling the stories of peace in action. Her travels have allowed her to have a commitment to think globally and act locally. Where we differ, we should dialogue for understanding. She believes that where we agree, we should celebrate and then work with one another to solve the world’s problems. P.K. McCary lives in Houston and is the mother of three grown children (and mother of the heart to many others), as well as Grammie to her grandchildren. She is the author of several books, and is currently working on a new book called “THE MORE: Collective Work and Responsibility for the 21st Century."

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