PK Read

Writer, environmentalist, cloudgazer. Outspoken opinionist, middling cook, lackadaisical gardener.

PK Read is a writer, blogger (, environmentalist, and cloudgazer. Devoted wife and mother in a multi-cultural family, whisky and champagne aficionado, lackadaisical gardener. Lived in four countries (so far), avid traveller in a state of constant curiosity, born and raised in northern California, currently in France trying to get to the end of all the cheese. She has a BA in History, a MSc in Environmental Decision-Making, and has worked in the renewable energy industry. Her short fiction and creative non-fiction have been published in a variety of literary journals and anthologies. She’s written for film and television in Germany and worked as a translator; she taught seminars at the University for Film and Television Munich for many years, and she published a surprisingly successful standard reference work for the German film industry. She’s a member of the Geneva Writers Group in Switzerland and won their 2014 prize for creative non-fiction.