Craig Platt

Criminal Defense lawyer, world traveler.

Mr. Platt began his career at Stanford University Law School. After graduating from Stanford, Craig worked for a so called ‘boutique’ corporate law firm in downtown Seattle. He enjoyed the frequent court appearances, but soon learned that representing millionaires was not for him. He wanted to help the little guy. So, he headed for the birthplace of our legal system: England, where he perfected his craft while working with barristers and solicitors in famous venues like the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice. He assisted on high profile murder cases and complicated civil law suits, carefully collecting a treasure trove of legal tactics he relies upon to this day. After turning down an advance to write a book on the English legal system, Craig decided it was time to head for home to be with his family and friends. Returning to Seattle, Craig put what he had learned in London into practice, establishing a track record as a public defender which was the envy of his peers. Winning awards for his accomplishments, teaching trial techniques to other lawyers and earning a reputation for winning supposedly “impossible” cases, Craig always fought hard for his clients. His tenacity was rewarded with a remarkable string of major victories in complicated trials. Eventually his work drew the attention of the Attorney General in Saipan, who hired Craig as Chief Prosecutor for his office. In Saipan Craig spearheaded international investigations of organized crime, fought government corruption by prosecuting a long laundry list of public officials, and gained notoriety for his skill and expertise as a trial attorney. He continued his teaching career on Saipan, this time with the Police Academy, where he taught criminal procedure and constitutional law. Returning to the States, Mr. Platt started Craig Platt and Associates, eventually joining forces with his partner, Mimi Buescher, to form Platt and Buescher, Attorneys at Law.