Jonathan Richards

Jonathan Richards is a novelist, film critic, actor, and political cartoonist living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jonathan Richards is an author, journalist, actor, and cartoonist. His movie reviews appear weekly in the Santa Fe New Mexican and online at and at Novels include Santa Fe and The Whitmarsh Chronicles. Nick & Jake, an epistolary comic novel written with his brother Tad, was published in fall 2012 by Skyhorse Publishing, and is now out in paperback. He collaborated with Arkin to illustrate the actor’s children’s book Cosmo (Azro Press, 2005). He has acted in theater, film, and television, and has worked in film dubbing as writer, actor, director, and editor in New York and Paris on such films as Elvira Madigan and Z, and has subtitled the films of such directors as Eric Rohmer, Costa-Gavras, Jacques Rivette, Barbet Shroeder, and Jean Eustache. He lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Claudia Jessup, a successful novelist (Bare Essence) under the name Meredith Rich. His daughters India and Alex Richards are writers – Alex published her first novel, Back Talk, in July 2007.

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