Heidi Allen

Founder of the Positive People Army

The Dictionary defines an army as a large number of people or things, typically formed or organized for a particular purpose. My purpose with this blog is to organize enough positive energy to hopefully make a difference in people's lives. We've all had moments when we've had to deal with something difficult. We've also all felt alone or discouraged at one time or another. Not to mention, there seems to be feels more violence, bullying, hate and gossip ripping our world a part. In my little world I've always tried my best to spread as much positive energy , but I've struggled for a long time feeling it was never enough. I want the Positive People Army to be a place that people can share their stories and feel like they are supported with an army of positive energy behind them. The Positive People Army goal is simple: to bring positive voices and stories to the growing army community. The growing supply of stories shared by founder, Heidi Allen and many other army members is designed to remind us that there is good in every situation, and possibility in every person. The Positive People Army is here to inspire, motivate and hopefully brighten your day a little. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll find something that changes your life. If you would like to tell your story click on the Submit A Story and share it. Only first names will be used. I look forward to reading your stories and comments and beginning a new positive movement! #positivepeoplearmy