Praveen Madan

Partner, Booksmith, Berkeley Arts

Praveen and his wife Christin Evans are literary entrepreneurs building the independent bookstore for the 21st century. Two years ago, they took over the reins of thirty-year old Booksmith in San Francisco and since they have successfully taken this local literary institution to new heights. Recently, Praveen launched a new author events program Berkeley Arts & Letters in partnership with Melissa Mytinger.

Praveen grew up in New Delhi, India where he studied at the Indian Institute of Technology. He figured out quickly that he cared more for business as an art form than for electrons and magnetic fields. He spent the next two decades of his life advising large companies on making more money while beefing up his frequent flyer accounts. His American journey started in Austin, Texas where he landed in 1992 with one thousand dollars of begged, borrowed, and saved money to get an MBA.

Praveen's current reading interests are in the emerging area of eco-poe-ethics. Follow Praveen on twitter or linkedin...