prisca dorcas mojica rodriguez

Chonga, Theologian, Mujerista, Feminista, & Ethicist. I'm the girl your mom warned you about.

Prisca Dorcas Mojica Rodriguez is a chonga Mujerista from Managua, Nicaragua currently living in Miami, FL. She recently graduated with her Masters from Vanderbilt University, and is looking to take some much needed time off from the academy to refresh. She is also the founder of Latina Rebels. Currently she is a writer at Philadelphia Printworks, freelance writer for Vivala, and a columnist/editor at Chica Magazine. Her interests are within biopolitics as it relates to Latina embodiment, specifically concerning models of conquerable flesh around narratives of naturalization for women of color. Thus her work is around reclaiming and upholding embodied resistance, particularly within chonga and chola subcultures. Que viva la mujer!