Pamela M. Tsigdinos

Award-winning author (Silent Sorority), blogger (Finally Heard), an infertility survivor and women's health advocate

Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos (Sig-din-us) is the award-winning author of Silent Sorority and Finally Heard. She is internationally recognized for her writing on women's health and the personal and social impacts that accompany fertility treatment. She was named a Top 10 Health blogger by Time Inc.’s Health Magazine in July 2015. Pamela and her blog have been profiled or referenced in The New York Times,, TIME magazine, Women’s eNews, Redbook, The Globe and Mail, The Broad Side, and Yahoo Shine. Beyond The Huffington Post, her writing has been featured in media outlets including WIRED, FORTUNE, The New York Times, NYT Motherlode Blog and Medium's Human Parts.