Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson

Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmakers and activists

Scientist turned author and filmmaker Dean Hamer formed Qwaves with his partner Joe Wilson to make films that emanate from the voices of those on the outside, that inspire creativity, that incite us to abandon our comfortable role as spectators and compel us to question and to act. He co-directed and produced the Independent Lens Audience Award-winning film KUMU HINA, about transgender teacher and cultural icon Hina Wong, and accompanying educational video A PLACE IN THE MIDDLE, which is being used as a teaching tool around the world. Hamer's book The Science of Desire: The Search for the Gay Gene, was a New York Times Book of the Year, and he has been featured in TIME magazine, ABC, CBS and NBC News, Frontline and Oprah. Human rights activist and documentary filmmaker Joe Wilson is the Co-Director and Producer, with Dean Hamer, of the PBS films KUMU HINA and A PLACE IN THE MIDDLE about the uniquely inclusive Hawaiian approach to gender diversity. Their previous Sundance-supported film OUT IN THE SILENCE won an Emmy Award and evolved into a nationwide community engagement campaign and Youth Activism Award to counter bullying and support justice and equality in rural and small town America.