R. B. Stuart

New York Author, Freelance Writer, Columnist, Poet and Photographer

Since 2006, R. B. Stuart has been outspoken on the plight of soldiers returning from Iraq & Afghanistan with Cancer -- her sister being one of them. By exposing a media blackout she’s been able to put a face on Cancer in the Military beginning in 2006 with a two-part feature in <em>The Independent </em>newspaper, “Troops in Iraq Face New Enemy….Cancer.” And Gary Baumgarten’s daily New York talk show, <em>Pal Talk</em> where she discussed Cancer, the military, media, and the hazards of depleted Uranium and burn pits. In 2007, Stuart wrote a feature for <em>The New York Sun</em>, “Veteran’s Rare Cancers Raise Fears of Toxic Battlefields” bringing the stories of five U. S. Army Soldiers stricken with Cancer post-Iraq to the forefront.<br /> <br /> R. B. Stuart is a New York author, freelance writer, columnist, poet and photographer. She has written for <em>GLAMOUR magazine, Global Post, The New York Times, Poets & Writers, Distinction magazine, The New York Sun, The Improper, NEWSDAY, Hamptons Online, Long Island magazine, The Independent, ELEMENTS magazine and Real Estate New York</em>. She is a contributing writer for <em>The Huffington Post.</em><br /> <br /> She specializes in; human interest stories, investigative features, artist profiles, essay, humor pieces, CEO/Corporate profiles and memoir. She can be contacted at:<br /> <em><strong><a href=""></a></strong></em><br /> Her feature work can also be found at the following links: <br /> <strong><a href="">Sister Soldier </a><br /> <a href="">OPERATION PURPLE HEART</a><br /> <a href="">Writings By R. B. Stuart </a></strong>