Rabah Ghezali

Associate Professor of Economics at Sciences-Po Paris

Rabah Ghezali is Associate Professor of Economics and Financial Law at Sciences Po Paris. He is a contributing writer to E!Sharp, Le Monde Diplomatique and CNN Global Public Square. He is also Fellow of the Center for Analysis and Proposals for Middle East and North-Africa (CapMENA). Rabah Ghezali is currently Group Director for Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs at VEON. He previously worked at NYSE Euronext as Managing Director in charge of Government affairs and Public advocacy. After a succesful diplomatic career, Rabah worked as an attorney at law specializing in International Dispute Settlement and Corporate Law. Born of Algerian parents who immigrated in France, he grew up in a very disadvantaged neighbourhood (the so called “banlieue”). As a second-generation migrant, Rabah had virtually no chance of being admitted to a good university and succeeding professionally. This background has led him to be particularly interested in issues related to migration, discrimination and interfaith dialogue. Especially since his experience in the United States where he has worked as French lecturer at the Ohio State University, he is a staunch supporter of the transatlantic relationship. Rabah is a founding member of the Transatlantic Network 2020 (TN2020) that aims to bring fresh and innovative perspectives on the transatlantic relation by connecting rising North American and European leaders of tomorrow. Rabah has been awarded the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellowship and he has been selected as member of the Young Atlanticists Group by the Atlantic Council. He has studied law, economics and business administration at the Ecole Normale Supérieure and at the University of Oxford. He also completed a master in international relations at the University of Cambridge where he held both the Entente Cordiale and the Knox scholarship.