Rachel Redlaw

Creator of Tiniest Thai diet + supperclub πŸ’› Lose weight easily in your 40's+ eating a Thai-inspired diet - if you who love food! πŸ’› #sunshinesoul Hey, I'm Rachel. The Thai Diet Revolutionary. Writer, cook, chilli-fiend, would-be-minimalist, explorer, loves dogs, beaches, travel, sunshine and peonies. And Thai food. I've just lost 23 pounds in 12 weeks on my Tiniest Thai diet plan - and I'm getting ready to share it with the world! It didn't even feel like I was on a diet ... I'm so excited to share. I'm also the founder, host and cook at The Tiniest Thai in London pop up restaurant - held at my West London flat and hosting four people at a time who share a tasting menu of a home cooked taste of Thailand with a supperclub experience. After spending a lot of time in Thailand some years ago, I fell in love with the beaches, sunshine, wildlife, cities, people ... and also with the way of eating and have been cooking and eating a mainly Thai-style diet since. I'm passionate about sharing the health and happiness benefits of cooking and eating Thai-style. It's fast food, fresh and healthy and much simpler to make than you might think - and I give people that confidence to try it out with simple recipes and readily available ingredients. I encourage you to join the Thai Diet Revolution! x Rachel