Rachel Travels

Travel Influencer, Blog Boss, and Digital Strategist

After silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression for over a year, Rachel made the decision to resign from a lucrative and promising corporate career to travel the world indefinitely. Rachel's love for travel started before ever stepping on a plane. As a child, she read hundreds of books which allowed her to explore the world, in different times and places over and over again. In high school, she was granted an opportunity to travel to China for a month. Since then, her heart for travel and exploration has taken her to nearly 40 countries. She created a travel platform to educate, inspire, and influence Millennials of color to travel the world. Rachel Travels has been featured on Matador Network, Essence Online, XONecole, Blavity, and Black and Abroad. To say hello and follow more of Rachel’s adventures and advice, head over to