Rachel Fine

Singer/songwriter; Television host

Rachel Fine is a singer/songwriter and television host from Brooklyn, NY. She developed a cult following as the co-host of the weekly comedy news series The Bonus Show for Howard TV On Demand (HTV), the outrageous and uncensored digital cable TV service that is the only place to see Howard Stern and his crew from the satellite radio show. HTV gives viewers unlimited access to both new and archive shows. She is currently in production to host the new HTV series, Fine Time. Howard TV is available on most cable systems in the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to her television work, Rachel is a dedicated musician whose greatest passion is the recent release of her debut album, Own Your Own, a collection that pulsates with dark confessions and haunting melodies. Track after track, Rachel delivers her signature intimacy dancing over a brooding backbeat. Own Your Own is birthed from a love of poetry and exploration of groove. Although often referred to as a down-tempo blend of neo-soul & trip hop, Rachel’s ragged, edgy sound embodies a variety of genres that has earned her comparisons to such divergent artists as Jill Scott, Portishead, Cat Power and Fiona Apple.

Rachel has worked as a red carpet fashion reporter for New York Fashion Week, and has covered many of the fashion shows for Project Runway contestants. She has also covered red carpets at charity events with The Real Housewives of New York & New Jersey. Rachel is a board member with the Pocono Mountains Film Festival and is currently featured in the Roberta Flack documentary, “The Magic Lady”. Additionally, she serves as Chief Ambassador for the MacDella Cooper Foundation, assisting in the development of the first tuition-free schools for orphaned & abandoned children in post-war Liberia.

Own Your Own is available on iTunes. For more information on Rachel, visit:

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