Rachel Goble

CEO at The Freedom Story, Storyteller, Photographer, Activist

Rachel Goble grew up in an interconnected and multicultural world. Whether traveling to South America with her family to survey land for the founding of a non-profit or trudging through the Sierra Nevadas as her parents sought to awaken Christians to our role as creation’s caretakers, Rachel learned early that the world’s peoples and problems are connected and that we must all help in overcoming them. After earning degrees in Business Economics (BA) and Cross Cultural Studies (MA) Rachel co-founded The Freedom Story (formerly The SOLD Project). She is the Producer of their films 'Travel With Us' and 'Five Years’, as well as the Associate Producer of the film SOLD, and currently serves as CEO for The Freedom Story. Rachel’s motivating dream is that one day every child will be given the gift of an education and the corresponding ability to cultivate and achieve their own dreams. This hope is birthed out of her belief that every life is valuable, priceless, and worthy of the calling placed upon it. Rachel's degrees, experience in business and nonprofit development, and the relationships she has cultivated along the way have given her the expertise and insight to fight child trafficking through innovations in prevention, education, and mentorship. Rachel and The Freedom Story believe in the power of story. After production of the film "The SOLD Project:Thailand" (2009), Rachel traveled to over 27 cities in America to share the hope that exists in prevention. Today, thanks to the power of these stories, The Freedom Story sponsors 140 students at-risk in Northern Thailand and has seen the drop-out rate statistics plummet from 50% to 5% in the past five years. Prevention works, as is evident in the lives of the students that The Freedom Story is affecting. TFS was the first place recipient of Nike's GIRL EFFECT Award in 2013 and is on the Top Rated List of Great NonProfits. Rachel has spoken at dozens of events and Universities, including the National Prayer Breakfast, about the importance of prevention in the war against child exploitation. In 2012, she was recognized as a finalist for the Edna Social Justice Award, which honors women leaders in the social justice movement. In 2014, she was nominated as one of Christianity Today's "33 Under 33 To Watch" list. Rachel also has a passion for the intersection of justice and the arts and is the owner of Rachel Goble Photography.