Rachel Sobel

Mother, do-over wife, writer, humorist, laundress, short-order cook, lover of sarcasm.

Rachel Sobel is a master juggler of all things parenting, a published writer, blogger and humorist teetering on insanity from being a mom, do-over wife and frazzled family gal. In between inexplicable mountains of laundry and being bossed around by her two daughters, she finds time to chronicle her chaotic life on her blog – Whine & Cheez(its). Rachel's perspective on parenting is raw and honest with a healthy dose of humor...because we all need to laugh. No sugarcoated stories about perfect children and spouses will ever escape her mouth because she prefers the inherent hilarity that comes with the reality of life. In addition to being a Huffington Post contributor, Rachel has also been featured in Scary Mommy and has regular columns in Lifestyle Magazine Boca/Delray, Suburban Misfit Mom and The Morning Kvetch. Before pursuing her passion as a full-time writer, Rachel had a long and successful career in public relations in Miami, Boston and New York. She's learned, however, that the pressure to produce two perfect ponytails far surpasses any pressure from those jobs.