Ralph Liu

CEO, InvestorsAlly, Inc.

Ralph has been working on a new form of home ownership structure (FARJHO), a new housing finance system (SwapRent), a set of alternative macro-economic policy management tools (SwapRent and REIDeX) and a new foreign exchange pegging system (TARELV) since the turn of the millennium.<br /> <br /> Armed with a Wharton MBA and Wall Street banks working experiences earlier in his career Ralph has been a serial inventor and he has successfully created many new financial markets for many new innovative capital market instruments and consumer financial products in many countries that had become an important part of their countries’ financial markets history.<br /> <br /> Ralph has been proliferate in publishing academic articles, developing patentable business methods, blogging on and implementing many of the new innovative ideas he has created within the past 25 years of his alternate banking/entrepreneurial careers in many different financial centers around the world.<br /> <br /> Ralph’s current goal is to bring the new economic benefits of these financial and/or social innovations directly to people around the world without the unnecessary interference of banks, Wall Street firms and/or other financial institutions as profiteering middlemen so that these new economic benefits would not be diluted or abused again when left in the wrong hands.

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