Randy Pennington

Award-winning author, Strategic advisor to leaders, fan of movies, bourbon, and great food.

Randy Pennington helps leaders achieve positive results in a world of accelerating change and disruption. He is a twenty-five year business performance veteran, award-winning author, Hall of Fame speaker, and consultant. Randy has worked with many of this country’s best-known organizations in addition to government agencies at the local, state, and national level. He is also an award-winning adjunct instructor in the Cox Business Leadership Center at Southern Methodist University. Randy is the author of three books: Results Rule!, which received the 2007 Best Books Award from USA Book News; On My Honor, I Will, which Ross Perot described as having “cracked the code of great leadership;” and Make Change Work, which received the 2013 Best Books Award for general business from USA Book News. For information or to speak with Randy, contact or call 972.980.9857 (U.S.)