Raymond Griffith

Mathematics professor

Raymond Griffith works as a community college mathematics professor. He has an abiding interest in everything -- absolutely everything.

He started college at age 24 working on a degree in Social Studies Education, then went on to do a master’s degree in Teaching Mathematics, and then from Clemson earned another master’s degree in Mathematics with a concentration in statistics. His hobbies include science, photography, history, politics, theology, traveling, technology, programming and art. His youngest daughter is still of an age to play with, so he enjoys doing that as well.

Along the way he has acted in and produced an outdoor drama. Does anyone need a drunken Irish ghost?

As for what he is — how he defines himself — he is a teacher. He likes nothing better than to take a subject which most people dislike intensely and turn the learning of it into a pleasurable and worthwhile experience. He likes helping people see how mathematics and science relate to their personal lives, and how the right knowledge can empower them in ways they might never dream of.

Religiously, he began as a right-wing fringe fundamentalist, and over time has moved to a moderate/liberal position. When he posts about religion, he is honest and courteous, willing to work through the hard questions and able to admit when he doesn’t have the answers. On the other hand, he is a skeptic when it comes to easy solutions to complicated problems.