Rebecca Hall

Travel and Lifestyle Blogger, Rough Guide co-author, Grecophile, Public Speaker and part time English Language teacher

After extensive global travels, Rebecca left the UK to return to the country she fell in love with--Greece, where she teaches English, writes and wryly observes that the chaotic nature of her adopted country actually suits her personality very well.
She is a Rough Guide co-author and has contributed to numerous publications including Let's Go in-flight magazine for RyanAir, the Daily Telegraph Travel Section and her container ship voyage from Athens to Hong Kong caught the eye of NPR National Radio, where she was interviewed twice.
Her debut novel - Girl Gone Greek - can be found on Amazon.
When not writing, you'll usually find her drinking coffee with her friends, or sourcing a new place to eat baklava. When not discovering new countries, she now happily divides her time between her beloved Greece and her home country, the U.K., which she says she's grown a better appreciation of the longer she was away.
Follow her adventures on Life Beyond Borders Blog.