Rebecca Kraus

Content Strategist. Concerned Citizen. Momma.

Rebecca Kraus is a content strategist and creative consultant. She helps businesses find their voice through branded storytelling, digital strategies, and product development. For The Huffington Post, she blogs about parenting, politics, food, and frivolity. Starting as a doe-eyed entertainment journalist in Los Angeles, Rebecca interviewed super stars of music and film—and even did time backstage at the Oscars and Grammys. She contributed to Premiere, Rolling Stone, and Request, and was the Managing Editor for Entertainment@Home magazine. She's written about travel and adventure, fueled by neverending wanderlust that lured her to places like Machu Picchu, South Africa, and India. She transitioned to content creation and marketing for board games, and was on staff at both Mattel and Cranium. Play was also the thing when she joined the Board of Directors for the Global Children's Organization, a non-profit that hosted summer camps for kids from war zones. Her story about about being a camp counselor in Croatia was published in the book, Europe from a Backpack. On the topic of games, travel, and play, she taught classes at middle schools and colleges alike. When Rebecca moved to Seattle seeking new adventures, the tech scene beckoned, so she took on leadership roles at internet companies where she curated user-generated content and fostered engagement for online communities. Recently, the community she favors most is offline and nearby. You can often find her gardening alongside her family, cooking whatever’s in season, and hitting the trails with her puppy. Enjoy: