Rebecca Laclair

Journalist, music lover and author of groundbreaking book, 'Radio Head'

Rebecca Laclair describes the way music speaks to us, changes us, and validates us in a way that any music lover immediately recognizes.

Rebecca used to think writing was an impossible dream. A Liberal Arts major and graphic design grad, Rebecca rode a motorcycle from an engineering job to owning a wine label design company before discovering that drama is lot more interesting when it’s on the page. Rebecca has always been fascinated by the concept of turning life’s obstacles into gifts, finding ways to upgrade the mundane to the magical. A magazine editor, Rebecca has short stories published in Gravel, Wordhaus, and Mixtape Methodology, and blogs about writing. She also mentors teen writers. Never further than a walk from the Pacific Ocean, Rebecca migrated the West Coast, living in Vancouver, Canada, then San Diego and Orange County, California, landing on a forested island in the Pacific Northwest where she is at work on her next novel.

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