Regan Long

Author, Entrepreneur, Retired Teacher @ 31, Paid Family Leave Advocate, Philanthropist, Wife & Mother of Four

Author, Columnist, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Paid Family Leave Advocate Regan Long, has developed a huge platform for not only her Paid Parental Leave advocacy, being invited to Washington D.C. but also her heartwarming writing has touched millions of readers worldwide, a large percentage of those being mothers. Long has had several Huffington Post and ABC and The Today Show blog pieces go viral, as her sincere words on motherhood have effected millions globally. One of those pieces, A Working Mother’s Plea to the President, was publicly responded to by United States Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez. Long was invited to Washington, D.C. where she and her family met Secretary Perez and they still keep in contact as they both are working towards the same advocacy with paid family leave. She has been approached by tens of thousands of mothers from around the world, thanking her for sharing her story and wanting to share their story with her. She is currently working with award-winning film director, Ky Dickens, on the first ever documentary on PaidFamily Leave, called Zero Weeks. Long is also currently speaking with several top companies and organizations that provide their employees with Paid Family Leave to collaborate in matching her donations to families in need. To view more of what Long does and stands for, as well as dozens of her writing pieces for your viewing, you can go to