Reggie Harris

Political Director at the Garner Way Foundation

Politically independent, issues oriented and unapologetically Black.

Reggie volunteers with the Garner Way Foundation as the Political Director. He has worked for the Democratic Campaign Committee , where he facilitated operations on the North Shore of Staten Island, New York for a congressional candidate's campaign during the time when Eric Garner was killed.

He has consulted on several campaigns in New Jersey and New York. In 2007 he worked in Cincinnati with Working America AFL-CIO in support of President Barack Obama and for Organizing for America during the 2012 presidential campaign Cleveland, Ohio. More recently he has worked in New York City organizing around education reform issues.

Reggie attended Florida A&M University where he studied Political Science and he currently resides in Oakland, California. Currently he serves as the Director of Organizing at the Black Organizing Project.

Unless otherwise stated his views are his own