Reporters Uncensored

Web TV/Podcasts on Global Issues

Reporters Uncensored RUTV (NOW ON DEMAND), is a Web TV and podcast series of independently produced news and interviews on a range of global issues.

RUTV is comprised of video reports from our network of journalists from international news services, NGO’s and foundations. From the filmmaker in Tehran -- to the teacher/ journalist in Kenya, they share how world developments are transforming the lives of ordinary people in their countries.

RUTV also profiles social innovation and reports on ways visionaries use entrepreneurial strategies to create initiatives for change. Whether it’s a new invention, or a creative use of technology, we’ll report on how they measure success in terms of systemic and sustainable social change -- not on profit margins and rates of return.

Reporters is nonpartisan and works with journalists in Africa, the Middle East, South America, the United States and Europe. It’s producers are affiliated with Reporters Without Borders, and Talk Radio News Service.

Tala Dowlatshahi is the creator of RUTV, and serves as Senior Advisor for the international press freedom organization Reporters sans Frontieres.