Rev. Jonathan Weyer

Novelst. Columnist. Insert(ist)

Jonathan Weyer is a Presbyterian minister, and writer who lives in
Columbus, Ohio. He has recently published his first novel,The Faithful, earning rave reviews in the Midwest Review of Books, Time Magazine, Amazon Forum and the Library Journal. He has just finished a nonfiction work titled, Confessions of a Pirate Chaplain, that tells the story of his time with atheists at Ohio State. Jonathan's work with the atheist group at Ohio State earned them both a multicultural award from the university. This dialogue with the atheists prompted the Secular Student Alliance to add him to their speaker's bureau, the only Christian minister to hold this distinction. Jonathan is currently the Interfaith president at The Ohio State working to establish interfaith dialogue among a variety of groups. He is a staff writer with Intrepid Magazine and has written for TAPS paranormal magazine on the Horror Genre and the need for critical thought. You can find him at or on Twitter @spookypastor.