Lisa Murray

Creation Catalyst, Author & Business Mentor for Creativepreneurs & Conscious Business creators.

I'm Lisa Murray... I'm an unconventional business generator. A word alchemist. A nurturer of possibilities and people! A lover of ideas. A playful creator of new realities. An asker of unexpected questions designed to create more for you in unpredictable ways. Play with me and you’ll get to explore the creative edges of what's possible, saturated in a bold and courageous mix of awareness and clarity that will change how you create your life and business. I am the founder of Creativity Lab, have an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and am an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. My new book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016. My next book "Creating Beyond Burnout" will launch 8 November 2016. Join me for adventures in creating via Business Alchemy Lab at and