Richard Alther

Novelist, 'The Scar Letters'

Richard Alther is the author of three novels: The Scar Letters (Centaur Books/2013), The Decade of Blind Dates (Lethe Press/2008) and Siegfried Follies (Regent Press/2010). Born and raised in New Jersey, he graduated as an English major from Cornell University and pursued twin careers as a writer and a painter. He wrote extensively about vegetable gardening and homesteading to earn his family's living while exhibiting his art in one-person shows in Montreal, London, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, and Florida. Richard has competed nationally as a Masters Swimmer and won four gold medals and a silver at the Gay Games in Chicago. After continuous and far-flung adventures as an emerging gay man, he met his husband, the musician Ray Repp. They divide their time between homes in Southern California and Vermont, where their grandchildren reside.