Richard Laermer

PR Dude

RLMpr CEO Richard Laermer is an oft-quoted source to media and other influential types who appears on CNN, FOX News and in all media on media, trends, and the marketing fields. As a noted speaker on trends and media, he is the author of the new book 2011: Trendspotting. Laermer is the best-selling coauthor of Punk Marketing (, in addition to the writer of perennial PR handbook Full Frontal PR and 2002’s TrendSpotting (plus others).

He is widely sought as a lecturer and media trainer, has co-hosted TLC’s cult TV show Taking Care of Business, and has a following as commentator for Public Radio’s Marketplace program. His BadPitchBlog (, with Kevin Dugan, is the industry’s watchdog and a recipient of PRSA’s Bronze Anvil Medal for Best Blog. He is the man behind Unspun Radio, available on iTunes and celestial radio stations, and the blogger behind

Previously a journalist for too many years, Laermer was director of public affairs for Columbia Business School, where he used his "bullet-theory" campaign of getting boatloads of distinct stories into the news at once to help the School reach the $75 million mark in a $100 million capital financing drive within seven months. Within six months' time the School's dean had become a major education spokesperson and Laermer's initiatives were the talk of national business media (particularly with his seminars featuring Kissinger and other bigwigs).

As a reporter, Laermer’s work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Daily News, Reuters, USA Today, New York magazine, Saturday Review, NY Observer, Us mag, New York Observer, Interview, Crain’s NY, New York Post, Chief Executive, Soho Weekly News, Editor & Publisher, and many others (all over the journalism map).

His outlandish, though logical, speeches, about trends, media, and marketing have wowed audiences as he hosts seminars and keynotes for corporate and civil organizations, marketing groups, PR and sales forces, and genial gatherings. He resides in New York and Connecticut and seatbacks on airplanes. His hobbies include judging a book by its cover, studying the future, and rewriting his bio.