Ricki Pollycove, M.D.

Your Watch Dog for Women's Health

Dr. Pollycove has focused her career on healthy aging in women, reducing risks for functional loss and dependency. She has a Master of Science from UC, completed her M.D. and residency at UCSF, and is a board certified ObGyn, specializing in the endocrinology of menopause, breast cancer and disease risk reduction as reflected in individual patient care options and clinical management decision-making.

She is a leader in the fields of integrative medical practice as well as individualization of menopause management with emphases on breast health and breast cancer, early detection, diagnosis, treatment options and ongoing survivor care. Her research includes breast cancer in mice as well as alternative and complementary care related to survival for women with breast cancer. She has practiced at CPMC since 1981 as a member of the ObGyn department, as well as academic and clinical teaching in the private community to professionals and the public alike. She serves as clinical faculty at UCSF, adjunct Integral Health Studies faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies and formerly associate professor at the University of Arizona, Medical School and School of Public Health, Graduate Programs. Dr. Pollycove serves on several national pharmaceutical advisory boards relating to women’s hormonal health, bone diseases and well being. She appears frequently on local and national TV and radio as a medical expert, has authored two books (“Mother Nurture,” Penguin press, 2002, “The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Bioidentical Hormones,” Alpha pres, 2010) and numerous scientific articles, most recently, “The Evolutionary Origin and Significance of Menopause,” J. Menopause, March 2011) and advocates for issues regarding healthy aging for all women.