Riva Greenberg

A leading expert on flourishing with diabetes and an international inspirational speaker

Riva holds the 2015 distinguished Lecture Award from the International Diabetes Federation for her education and advocacy. As a passionate diabetes educator, inspirational speaker and health coach, she is sharing a flourishing approach to diabetes with health professionals and people living with diabetes. She facilitates flourishing workshops and gives lectures worldwide. Riva advises industry, is a recognized diabetes online influencer and serves as Ambassador to Insulin for Life. She has written three books, "Diabetes Do's & How-To's," "50 Diabetes Myths That Can Ruin Your Life and the 50 Diabetes Truths That Can Save It" and "The ABCs Of Loving Yourself With Diabetes" and hundreds of articles. For ten years Riva has been an active A1C Champion peer-mentor speaking to people with diabetes across the country. Having lived with type 1 diabetes for 44 years, Riva is committed to helping others live an exceptional life, not despite having diabetes but because of it. Visit her websites and