Rachel Lithgow

Executive Director, American Jewish Historical Society

Rachel Lithgow is the Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society, the oldest ethnic archive in the United States. She has had a long career in Jewish non-profit, Museums, and historical projects. She has an expertise in oral history, and spent several years at the Shoah Foundation supporting interviews, and quality assurance on thousands of interviews. She was the Executive Director of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust from 2001-2007, where she oversaw the Museum’s capital campaign, and retained permission to build the new Museum on public park land in the historic Museum district of the city (open in 2010). She has curated a dozen exhibitions, including at one time the LAMOTH core exhibition, and the first Holocaust exhibition in Cuban history in 2004. Her most recent entitled October 7, 1944 with artist Jonah Bokaer was featured at the Center for Jewish History. She has published on a variety of topics.