Rob Kall

Host, Bottom up Radio, Publisher,

Rob Kall is host of the Bottom up Radio show, which explores our culture's transition from top down to bottom up, and founder publisher of, a left of liberal progressive news and opinion site publishing 500-1000 articles a month. He was honored, as publisher of OpEdNews, by the American whistleblower community, with the Pillar Award, for supporting whistleblowers. He pioneered positive psychology in the mid 1980s, organizing the world's first conference on it, founded and organized Storycon, the Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and application of story, bringing together, for the first time, experts from all the worlds of story, and founded and organized the Winter Brain Meeting, weaving together neurofeedback, consciousness, heart and spirit. "I've come to see myself as working towards empowering and awakening people, first through biofeedback and self regulation training, and more recently, as a progressive publisher, writer of over 2000 articles and host of a radio show exploring a return to our bottom up roots, with the vision that bottom up values offer humanity a kinder, more sustainable future.