Rob McKay


Rob McKay is the Chairman of the Board of the Democracy Alliance and President of the McKay Family Foundation, which supports community-based organizations working for long-term social, political, and economic progress. Rob, along with his brother and parents, established the McKay Foundation in January 1992. In recent years, the family foundation has supported efforts to bring health care coverage and a living wage to low-income workers, and it has given grants to groups in California working on issues such as affordable housing, economic development, and voter engagement.

The family foundation originated from the hard work and success of McKay’s father. Robert Sr. had his own business, a small architect’s firm and construction company. In the early 1960s he was hired to design a building for a new fast-food company named Taco Bell. After completing the job, he joined the young company as President. Over the next fifteen years, he expanded Taco Bell from one restaurant to a successful national chain, eventually engineering its sale to Pepsico.