Robert A. Levine

Economist and policy analyst

Robert A. Levine is an economist and policy analyst, retired from major posts in the federal government and, from organizations consulting with the government and others.

As Assistant Director for Research, Planning, Programming , and Budgeting in the Office of Economic Opportunity, under Sargent Shriver, from 1955-1968, he was chief planner for the “War on Poverty”. From 1975-1979, he was Deputy Director of the Congressional Budget Office. In between, he was employed by the RAND Corporation and the Systems Development Corporation.

Dr. Levine has a BA and an MA from Harvard, and a Ph.D. from Yale, all in economics. He has taught at Yale, UCLA, and Stanford. He was in the Navy during the Korean war.

He is the author of The Arms Debate, The Poor Ye Need Not Have With you: Lessons from the War on Poverty, Public Planning: Failure and Redirection, Still the Arms Debate, and has edited several other books. He has also written for The Atlantic and The Milken Review as well as professional journals, and has contributed numerous op-ed columns to the International Herald Tribune and other newspapers.