Robert C. Jameson

Marriage, Family Therapist

About the Author of This Article: As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Robert C. Jameson focuses on helping clients understand and overcome issues, such as anger, hurt, depression, anxiety, love, relationships, boundaries and limiting beliefs, to name a few. During his years of private practice, Mr. Jameson found it useful to give many of his clients "homework" in the form of handouts to support their work while in session. The Keys to Joy-Filled Living was born from his handout of tried and true exercises and techniques. Mr. Jameson is also the author of Thoughts of Pomery, an entertaining book of pictures and thoughts that guides the reader to expand their perceptions of life and relationships with others, Don’t Lose Weight – Give It Away, which explores the emotional aspects of weight loss, and The Pocket Oasis, a fun and useful pocket-sized book that can be used as a tool to help center anyone during a hectic day. In addition to his work as a therapist and writer, Mr. Jameson is an accomplished musician. He produced and released," Ani Hu – Empathy with God", an hour-long CD, which helps the listener to meditate, relax, or sleep. Recently, he released "Healing Affirmations & Positive Self-Talk", an hour-long CD, which encourages the listener to create positive thoughts and feelings. 10049 Hambelton St. Livonia, MI 48150 310.395.7047

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