Robert Levithan

Psychotherapist, Writer and Expert on vital aging and living with illness

Robert Levithan is a psychotherapist and writer. Born on the Island of Manhattan 60 years ago, he has had a varied career in the arts and entertainment fields. He now writes a sex advice column for Ethical Sluts--also hosting a monthly SALON at THE OUT HOTEL NYC. His book, THE NEW 60, is available at . Currently a regular contributor to The Good Men Project Magazine, previously, he has written columns for Oprah at Home as The Design Shrink, and for As an expert on living with illness, he has appeared on Charlie Rose and Fresh Air and is cited in numerous books and articles. His column, "The New 60," ran on for 18 months. After stints in Santa Fe and Caracas, he lives in New York City with his yellow Labrador muse, Sophie, a former seeing-eye dog.