Robert Orlando

Author, Filmmaker, Public Speaker

Orlando is the president of Nexus Media. He is the director of “Silence Patton” a documentary that digs into the pages of history—inside documents and archives—to find answers to the questions: Why was General George S. Patton silenced during his service in World War II? Why was he fired as General of the Third Army and as governor of post-war Bavaria? Was his freakish collision with an Army truck a real accident? Who were his enemies? Who wanted his personal silence? Some argue that Patton foresaw the coming Cold War with the Soviet Union and advised the United States not to withdraw troops completely. In addition to his work on Patton, one in a series of documentaries that explore the key turning points in Western history (Apostle Paul, Caesar Augustus, George Washington), Orlando has worked for over 20 years as a digital media producer, director and editor with a variety of commercial and corporate partners including American Express, Unilever, the Wall Street Journal and Conde Nast, to provide innovative content and stylized storytelling that strengthens brands. As manager of a boutique creative shop Rob believes Nexus stands alone as producer of high impact storytelling.