Robert Rose 974

Teacher in California

Dr.Rose has taught every grade in four major school districts in So.California.
He has been successful using an eclectic and complex approach derived
from solid research in the sciences. His web sites and videos are filled with his books, workbooks, and videos that challenge the status quo. He has attempted to teach based on the Constitution and mutual respect and it has worked.

For forty-five years in a yours, mine, and ours marriage, he enjoys a
family that is demonstratively affectionate and loving.

His latest book, Abuses of Power in Education; Challenging Practically Everything, Outskirts Press, 2008, is one of the main sources for the ideas he will be explaining in his blogs. He believes that students, teachers, parents, and administrators need legal power and protection to be able to have the freedom to do their job most effectively. No person or group should have unlimited power and that's why balance is as important as autonomy.

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